Magnetic Assembly

Magnetic devices (components) refer to products that are assembled by magnets and some other accessories to achieve certain specific functions. Commonly, some magnetic suction parts, such as high-end magnetic couplings, Haierback components, etc ...

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Magnetic Assembly

With more than 10 years of experience in producing a wide range of magnetic components, We offers high quality magnet assemblies with tight tolerances and complex geometries. And the materials needed are produced by ourselves to ensure the quality of the products and to provide a complete solution for some of the world's leading companies and governments.

Selection of magnetic materials

It is important to select the appropriate magnetic material for the magnetic component, including some components and the adhesive used. Kede Magnetics is able to produce both Samarium and NdFeB permanent magnets we can meet the requirements of any custom magnet accurately and quickly. We work closely with our customers to maximize performance while reducing production costs from design to finished product.

Assembly design and manufacturing

The design of the magnetic assembly is very important. Our team of engineers can perform modeling and finite element simulation analysis according to the customer's design requirements. According to the magnetic properties of various permanent magnets, the design can be optimized to the greatest extent, and the assembly process of the components is especially important. Our experience and production expertise can be well applied in this area. The combination of various aspects can ensure that the magnetic components can meet the needs of customer design.

Some Magnetic Assemblies:

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