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Magnetic Assembly

We have more than 10 years experience of producing magnetic assembly with strict tolerance and complex geometry requirements. We provide final magnetic application solutions for no matter Halbach array or other complicated customized assembly. We have a R&D team with several doctors who can carry out fast and accurate magnetic simulation analysis to ensure an optimized designing.

Selection of magnetic materials

It is important to select the appropriate magnetic material for the magnetic Assembly, including some components and the adhesive used. Kede is able to produce both SmCo and NdFeB permanent magnets and also otehr machining parts so we have a very fast reaction to key customer accurately and quickly. We work closely with our customers to maximize performance while reducing production costs from design to finished product.

Assembly design and manufacturing

The design of the magnetic assembly is more than important. Our R&D team can perform FEA simulation analysis according to the customer's design requirements, optimizing the deaign according to the magnetic characteristics ,  The other key process is assembly in which our experience and production expertise can be well applied in this area. Only if combing the various aspects can ensure that the magnetic assembly meeting the requirements.

Magnetic Assembly

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