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Resolver is a device that converts the mechanical angular displacement and angular velocity of a rotating object into electrical signal output. It is a precision angle, position, and speed detection device suitable for all situations where rotary encoders are used, especially in harsh environments such as high temperature, cold, humidity, high-speed, and high vibration where rotary encoders cannot work properly. Due to the above characteristics, resolver are widely used in angle and position detection systems in servo control systems, robot systems, electric tools, automobiles, power, aerospace, ships, water conservancy, construction and other fields.We have cooperated several projects with some well known OEMs for their resolver of drive motor.

Heat resisting

High performance silicon steel lamination and winding mode of special electromagnetic design

High sensitivity

Small size and high sensitivity

Reliable in operation

Stable operation and high reliability

Continuous and stable signal output

Team devoted research and development, and the output signal is stable


Strong anti-interference

Performance parameter

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