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Sintered AlNiCo

Aluminum nickel cobalt(AlNiCo) is an alloy made of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, and iron. According to different processing techniques, it is divided into two types of cast and sintered AlNiCo. Compared with the casting process, sintered AlNiCo is better in workblank dimension tolerance control. The magnetic properties are slightly lower than cast AlNiCo, but the machinability is better. Aluminum nickel cobalt has good temperature stability and aging stability, it suitable for making instruments, motors, electroacoustic devices, and application with high temperature, etc.

Excellent magnetic properties

The (BH) max of sintered AlNiCo can reach 5MGOe for grade 5, the (BH) max of of sintered AlNiCo can reach 6MGOe of grade 8, the high Coercivity of sintered AlNiCo is greater than 2.1KOe, and the (BH) max of oriented grade 8 AlNiCo can reach 13MGOe.

Sintered AlNiCo
Datasheet of Sintered AlNiCo

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